But I didn’t shoot the Deputy

‘But I didn’t shoot the Deputy’

by Christopher

I remember the day like it was yesterday. The cool breeze was a welcome relief from the hot Georgia sun that had been beating down on me since the late morning. It couldn’t have been much past two o’clock when I heard a car pull down the driveway. I watched silently from the wood shed where I was gathering some kindling to start the stove so my wife could cook the chicken I had slaughtered earlier in the day. The car came to a stop near the old tree me and my brother used to play in as boys, we would build forts and pretend like we were soldiers protecting our land from the thieving north. Inspecting the car I could see nothing special, other than that I had never seen it before, which was strange as I knew most all of the folks around here and their modes of transportation. Concealing myself in the shed I figured I would wait until my unexpected visitor revealed himself before making my presence known.

The car door opened slowly and came to a deliberate stop. A brown boot under the car door was the first I saw of my guest, followed by the other, then he stood. ‘He must be around fifty’ I recall thinking to myself. His face was somewhat oddly accentuated by the silver streaks running though what once would have been jet black hair. He wasn’t wearing a hat at first but then reached down inside of his car and retrieved a black cowboys hat, the kind you see people at the rodeo wearing. All in all he seemed like a regular guy, ‘Perhaps he lost his way’ I remember thinking. However, something struck me as odd. Then it hit me, his jacket, nothing about the jacket itself was all that special, it was the fact he was wearing one at all, it must have been eighty out and it felt like it was one-ten at least. I figured to myself that a man wearing a jacket in heat like this must have something he don’t want no-one to see. I figured it best to ensure I would make it safely to supper so I got my old Winchester twenty gauge I keep in the shed for when I need to put animals down. It doesn’t happen a great deal and I am not much of a man of violence, so my abilities with a firearm are not all that great. I opened the breach of the weapon and slotted a shell into either barrel and snapped it shut.

When I emerged from the shed the man was about ten feet from his car and faced in the opposite direction from where I was approaching. “Can I help you mister?” I made sure to ready myself in case this man meant me harm. He turned slowly, his head lead the way and is body followed as if hinged. “Well hello there” his voice had an over exaggerated southern drawl that said to me he wasn’t from these parts, then it happened, he reached into his jacket. I wasted no time, BLAM the flash from the muzzle of my twenty gauge was bright even the the sunlight and the sound was a lot louder than I had remembered it to be. I can still see the blood soaking through his jacket and freely flowing onto the dirt of the driveway, but he was still alive, and still reaching into his jacket. BLAM I fired the other barrel into him now he was dead for sure. I hastily put down my gun and reached inside of his jacket to get his gun and there it was, holstered under his shoulder, a snub nose .38.

I figured that the best course of action would be to call the Sheriff and report that I had shot a man on my property, I was certain no trouble could come of it for me, after all it was a matter of self defense, he was fixing on killing me. I made my way towards the house and rounded the back veranda, my wife had made her way to the back door wondering what all the commotion was about, she rarely ventured outside on days as hot as today as she didn’t like the suns scorching effects on her skin. “You finally get to putting that old bull down?” she enquired. “What?” my response was somewhat more curt than she had expected, however if she knew of the transpiring of a couple of minutes ago she would understand.

“I heard the shots, I figured you finally got up the nerve to finish the bull” a short silence came over us as I didn’t know what to say. “Well” she continued “You had better get cleaned up, I met the new Sheriff in town yesterday and invited him over for iced tea, he should be here any minute.”


Part 2 – Coming Soon


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