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But I didn’t shoot the Deputy

‘But I didn’t shoot the Deputy’

by Christopher

I remember the day like it was yesterday. The cool breeze was a welcome relief from the hot Georgia sun that had been beating down on me since the late morning. It couldn’t have been much past two o’clock when I heard a car pull down the driveway. I watched silently from the wood shed where I was gathering some kindling to start the stove so my wife could cook the chicken I had slaughtered earlier in the day. The car came to a stop near the old tree me and my brother used to play in as boys, we would build forts and pretend like we were soldiers protecting our land from the thieving north. Inspecting the car I could see nothing special, other than that I had never seen it before, which was strange as I knew most all of the folks around here and their modes of transportation. Concealing myself in the shed I figured I would wait until my unexpected visitor revealed himself before making my presence known.

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To the Blog

Well, here I am with a blog. I will endevour to keep it entertaining as I can, I will post short stories I have written and photos. I dont have a lot for you right now but until next time.